Stabilizing a Moving Hillside


Rembco Puts Down Anchors in Colorado After developing an Army housing complex at Ft. Carson Army Base, a rather startling discovery was made: excavation for the recently completed housing project had somehow started the nearby 1,200-foot wide hillside moving toward the homes. Worse yet, two …

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What is Karst and Why Should I Care?


East Tennessee is in the middle of a Karst corridor that stretches from eastern Mississippi all the way to New England. When you’re in our business, it’s a great place to have a headquarters. But if we weren’t so taken with the Tennessee valley, we’d have …

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Launching a Flagship at Roanoke College


Leaders at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, have a simple but ambitious vision for their school: to educate mind, body and soul. That vision became sharply focused with their commitment to build a new campus flagship facility, the Cregger Center. The Cregger Center will be …

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Taming the Black Wolf


Rembco Plugs A Leaky Mine For a mine owner, groundwater is a constant concern – even after the mine is closed. That was the case for the owners of Black Wolf coal mine near Bluefield, West Virginia. As their federal lease neared its end, groundwater …

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