Drilling and Grouting Capabilities In, Over and At Water’s Edge

  • January 1, 2009

Rembco’s specialized equipment is capable of operating from barges (in the water), from suspended platforms (over the water), and with the extended reach of an excavator mounted drill (at the water’s edge).

In addition, Rembco has the capacity to work with restricted headroom, limited footprint, and in close proximity to fragile structures. We install systems through walls and floors, through existing foundations, and into embankments and rock faces.

  • Services and products provided include:
  • Soil nails (slope stabilization and retaining walls)
  • Rock anchors (stabilize rock embankments)
  • Compaction piles (foundation support)
  • Micro piles (Deep foundation support)
  • Compaction grouting (improve bearing capacity)
  • Sink hole remediation and repair
  • Permeation grouting (stop liquid migration through soil; improve soil properties; stabilize, strengthen and stop leaks in underwater pipes and membranes)
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