Fast Work Saves A Dike—And A River


Rembco goes around the clock to prevent environmental disaster.

On Wednesday, an unusual circumstance unfolded:

At 8:30 am, Rembco gets an urgent call from a paper products company. The dike on their wastewater pond is leaking badly and if it fails, millions of gallons of untreated effluent will empty into the adjacent river.

4:35 p.m., the same day: Rembco is on the scene, beginning a 10-day, around-the-clock work schedule to save the failing dike—and the river beyond it.

The Plan

“Our initial assessment revealed that the water loss was about 34 gallons a minute at the high flow channel,” says Rembco Operations Manager, Ken Bowman. “But water was also seeping out along a 200-foot stretch of the dike. “We immediately began polyurethane and compaction grouting, hoping to reduce the water flow into the river and, at the same time, improve the structural integrity of the dike. It was a race against time.”

The Scope

As grouting projects go, this was a massive one. To stem the leaking, Rembco installed 3217 linear feet of casing and pumped in 2712 gallons of polyurethane grout. To further stabilize the dike, the team installed 3515 linear feet of grout casing to accommodate 265 cubic yards of compaction grout.

Using a combination of both treatments, Rembco reinforced a length of dike measuring 450 linear feet. Coordinating with the client’s geotechnical engineer, the team worked ten 24-hour days, followed by another 10 days on the site, continually assessing the conditions and modifying the approach as needed.

The Results

“When we demobilized to go home,” says Bowman, “the discharge was mitigated, the dike was stabilized, and a potential disaster was averted.”

Whether your situation requires immediate response or patient, comprehensive planning, let Rembco be your first phone call. Whether building foundations, stabilizing slopes or soils, controlling underground liquid migration, or even putting the proverbial thumb in the dike, The Stabilizing Force (Rembco) is always a solid place to start.

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About Rembco

Rembco is a geotechnical contractor that specializes in foundation support, soil stabilization and specialty grouting. Rembco offers micropiles, minipiles, soil nailing, rock anchors, pressure grouting, compaction grouting, compaction piles, chemical grouting, sinkhole repair, soil anchors and more. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, Rembco has been providing geotechnical services (ground improvement, rock slide stabilization, excavation shoring, sinkhole remediation, hazardous material encapsulation, and underground liquid migration control) for over 30 years, serving clients throughout the nation.

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