Faster, Deeper, Cheaper

$800,000-drill ramps up Rembco capabilities

As a leader in the geotechnical services business, Rembco has always been adept at drilling holes; it just comes with the territory. But now that the Knoxville, Tennessee based company has added the Soilmec® PSM 20 to its arsenal, the work goes faster, the holes go deeper and the project is cheaper for Rembco clients. This is one amazing drill.

Different Strokes

“If ever there was a versatile drill,” says Rembco Equipment Manager, Bill King, “the PSM 20 is it. We’ve used it for micropiles, tie-back anchors, coring and drains. Virtually every operation goes smoother and faster with this drill.”

The primary reasons for the increase in efficiency are the PSM 20’s large stroke and its mechanized rod handling capability. Unlike smaller rigs, the PSM 20 can drill a full 30 feet on its first stroke. To go deeper, two 25-foot rods can be added from the rig’s carousel. But it’s at this point that the PSM 20 really shows its stuff. Instead of bringing in a couple of burly guys to manually add the rod, a single operator can do the job with no additional help. The PSM 20 loads the new rod in one, fully mechanized operation. Then it’s right back to drilling, to depths as much as 80 feet!

A Few New Angles

Besides saving time and man power, the PSM 20 can drill at angles that are impossible for less sophisticated rigs. ”Now we can drill at angles ranging from vertical to just 15° from horizontal,” says King. “That capability allows us to take on jobs we would have passed up just a year ago.”

Nobody appreciates the Soilmec more than Rembco Operations Manager. “We recently completed a 55-foot retaining wall for Jack Daniels Distillery,” says Bowman. “The 30-foot initial stroke allowed us to install most of the needed soil nails without stopping to add a rod. We were also able to complete nine or ten 50-foot-long rock anchors in a single day. Both the soil nailing and anchor work required drilling at a variety of angles which was no problem for the PSM 20.”

More Options, More Capability

In addition to the rod carousel, Rembco’s PSM 20 offers options including a lifting crane, a top hammer and a jet grouting kit for fluids treatment. (The rig can drill a hole in sandy soil and inject grout in one operation—before the hole collapses). It can also drill a hole and install a casing in a single operation.

The hydraulic casing extractor can pull a 12-inch diameter casing out of the ground with one draw!

When it comes to soil stabilization, Rembco does it all: building foundations, rockslide and soil stabilizing, sinkhole remediation, controlling underground liquid migration and much more. And now with the new Soilmec®, we’re doing it faster and cheaper than ever.

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About Rembco

Rembco is a geotechnical contractor that specializes in foundation support, soil stabilization and specialty grouting. Rembco offers micropiles, minipiles, soil nailing, rock anchors, pressure grouting, compaction grouting, compaction piles, chemical grouting, sinkhole repair, soil anchors and more. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, Rembco has been providing geotechnical services (ground improvement, rock slide stabilization, excavation shoring, sinkhole remediation, hazardous material encapsulation, and underground liquid migration control) for over 30 years, serving clients throughout the nation.

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