Stabilizing a Moving Hillside


Rembco Puts Down Anchors in Colorado After developing an Army housing complex at Ft. Carson Army Base, a rather startling discovery was made: excavation for the recently completed housing project had somehow started the nearby 1,200-foot wide hillside moving toward the homes. Worse yet, two …

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What is Karst and Why Should I Care?


East Tennessee is in the middle of a Karst corridor that stretches from eastern Mississippi all the way to New England. When you’re in our business, it’s a great place to have a headquarters. But if we weren’t so taken with the Tennessee valley, we’d have …

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Launching a Flagship at Roanoke College


Leaders at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, have a simple but ambitious vision for their school: to educate mind, body and soul. That vision became sharply focused with their commitment to build a new campus flagship facility, the Cregger Center. The Cregger Center will be …

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Taming the Black Wolf


Rembco Plugs A Leaky Mine For a mine owner, groundwater is a constant concern – even after the mine is closed. That was the case for the owners of Black Wolf coal mine near Bluefield, West Virginia. As their federal lease neared its end, groundwater …

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Sophie Gets a Makeover


With Rembco’s Help, The University of Tennessee Renovates And Expands Strong Hall Sophronia Strong Hall at the University of Tennessee dates back to 1925, when it (or as the locals would say, “she,”) opened as a female residence house. Currently, the University is renovating the …

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