Sophie Gets a Makeover


With Rembco’s Help, The University of Tennessee Renovates And Expands Strong Hall Sophronia Strong Hall at the University of Tennessee dates back to 1925, when it (or as the locals would say, “she,”) opened as a female residence house. Currently, the University is renovating the …

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Fast Work Saves A Dike—And A River


Rembco goes around the clock to prevent environmental disaster. On Wednesday, an unusual circumstance unfolded: At 8:30 am, Rembco gets an urgent call from a paper products company. The dike on their wastewater pond is leaking badly and if it fails, millions of gallons of …

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Stabilizing A Moving Hillside


Rembco Puts Down Anchors in Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado–In June of 2008, the developer of an Army housing complex at Ft. Carson Army Base made a rather startling discovery: excavation for the recently completed housing project had somehow started the nearby 1,200-foot wide hillside moving …

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What’s This Going To Cost?


An Overview Of Pricing Methods Good question! If you have already selected a pricing method, the answer is very straightforward. If you haven’t, here’s a quick “take home point.” You can learn a lot about any geotechnical service provider by how well they help you …

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