Soil Nailing: An Economical Approach To Stabilization


Soil nailing is a cost effective technique for stabilizing slopes and for constructing retaining walls from the top down. This ground reinforcement process uses steel tendons which are drilled and grouted into the soil to create a composite mass similar to a gravity wall. 

Soil Nailing Advantages

Soil nailing has a number of advantages that offer an economic alternative to other shoring methods. The technique can be used to follow irregular curves and it requires minimum shoring space. Because this process causes fewer traffic obstructions than laying-back an excavation, and creates much less noise than driving piles, it is less disruptive. And our equipment works well in tight spaces.

Soil nail walls not only work in tension, but also perform well with bending and shearing forces. Generally, the process increases bonding strength of media through its ability to carry tensile loads.

How Soil Nailing Works

A soil nail is constructed by drilling a hole horizontally into a slope or cut. Next, the hole is flushed and filled with grout. A threaded steel bar is inserted the full length of the hole, and finally (after set-up) a steel plate is attached to the protruding bar and tightened against the face of the slope. This creates a stable mass of earth that is able to hold back its overburden…the first step in building a solid wall.

To complete the wall, a constructed face is usually applied.  It is typically made of shotcrete that is reinforced with wire mesh. Permanent walls are usually built with an aesthetically pleasing cast-in-place face over the soil nail wall.

Rembco has a versatile fleet of equipment that is specially designed for soil nailing. We have found soil nail walls to be a very attractive alternative to cut retaining walls.

To learn more, take a look at this animation.


About Rembco

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