Stabilizing a Moving Hillside


Rembco Puts Down Anchors in Colorado After developing an Army housing complex at Ft. Carson Army Base, a rather startling discovery was made: excavation for the recently completed housing project had somehow started the nearby 1,200-foot wide hillside moving toward the homes. Worse yet, two …

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Tall Order


Rembco Compaction Grouting Techniques Used To Stabilize 600-Foot Chimney Rembco routinely gets calls to provide stabilization and remediation at challenging projects across the nation. One of our tallest orders was to help stabilize a 600-foot power plant chimney in Gaffney, SC at a coal-fired power …

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Sinkholes 101


A Quick Primer On A Common Problem A sinkhole is a surface depression that may be caused by either geological conditions or man-made problems, like leaking storm sewers or buried trash. The man-made variety can certainly be disruptive and troublesome, but a geologic sinkhole can …

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