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Rembco Compaction Grouting Techniques Used To Stabilize 600-Foot Chimney

Rembco routinely gets calls to provide stabilization and remediation at challenging projects across the nation. One of our tallest orders was to help stabilize a 600-foot power plant chimney in Gaffney, SC at a coal-fired power plant.

The plant had been built decades before, and over time, the foundation around the chimney had begun to deteriorate. When plant operators realized they needed to correct the problem, they called Rembco.

Our mission was not only to stabilize the structure, but also to lift areas where the foundation had settled.

To accomplish this, Rembco utilized precision compaction grouting. This involves using controlled displacement to increase the density of soft or loose soils. It is typically used for settlement control, structural re-leveling, and remediation of sinkholes.

In compaction grouting, a small diameter (2″ – 4″) steel casing is advanced through the zone to be improved, and a stiff mortar-like grout is injected at high pressure to displace and compact and the surrounding soils. Pumping is continued as the grout casing is withdrawn, forming a larger diameter (12″ – 18″) column of interconnected grout bulbs. As they form, they intensely compact the soil around them.

Compaction piles can be formed in the same manner to create a continuous structural support for foundations. Due to relatively small injection pressure ports, compaction grouting can be performed with minimal disruption to building-use, without interference to other existing construction programs. This made compaction grouting ideal for this particular project, since plant operations needed to continue during the remediation.

The project was completed on time and on budget, and the chimney was restored to its original position.

In our 30 years of geotechnical specialty work, Rembco has used compaction grouting to improve the ground beneath settling structures, provide excavation support, block the flow-path of viscous liquids, fill rock cracks, construct underpinning, densify footing soils, remediate threatening sinkholes, and re-level roads, bridges, towers and existing structures.  A video explaining the process is linked below.

To learn more about how compaction grouting could benefit your project, email us or call 865-671-2925.


About Rembco

Rembco is a geotechnical contractor that specializes in foundation support, soil stabilization and specialty grouting. Rembco offers micropiles, minipiles, soil nailing, rock anchors, pressure grouting, compaction grouting, compaction piles, chemical grouting, sinkhole repair, soil anchors and more. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, Rembco has been providing geotechnical services (ground improvement, rock slide stabilization, excavation shoring, sinkhole remediation, hazardous material encapsulation, and underground liquid migration control) for over 30 years, serving clients throughout the nation.

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