About Rembco

Rembco Engineering began doing business in 1982, entering the market as a specialty construction company with the engineering expertise to provide unique geotechnical services.


Whereas our competitors constructed systems that were designed by engineering firms, Rembco created value for our clients by designing and building custom solutions. Because our systems were specifically suited to our client’s needs, they provided better performance – often at a lower cost. Initially, our little company was a well-kept secret, but before long, our clients and our competitors began talking about us. (somewhat differently, we imagine)

In 1997, under new leadership and with a new name, Rembco Geotechnical Contractors, Inc. expanded the scope of the company’s construction services and increased capacity. They added engineering and project management expertise, hired and trained additional workers, purchased bigger equipment and moved to a larger facility. They began to tackle projects that were much larger than Rembco had ever taken-on before. And they grew Rembco into a well-known name.

From 1999 through 2008, Rembco experienced sustained, strong growth – providing services mainly to commercial clients in the areas of foundation support, shoring, soil stabilization and specialty grouting. Growth in our industry (and most others) dropped-off sharply during the recession of 2008 and retracted even further in the following year. In response, the Rembco team took deliberate steps to improve our efficiency and set the stage for us to thrive. By 2010, despite the still stagnant economy, Rembco’s financial performance was the best in the company’s 28 year history. As of this writing, we’re still on a steady upward trend.

Now, in our 38th year, ownership and leadership has transitioned to a group of four long-time Rembco managers.Mike Bivens is President. and partners Tim Adkins, James Grubbs, and Bill King now fill Vice Presidential positions managing operations, projects, and the fleet. Together, this team has 70+ years of Rembco experience and 20 collective years of ownership in the company. With 80 valuable employees, a modern fleet of equipment & tooling, and a list of contractors, engineers and developers who call on us frequently, Rembco is positioned to thrive as a regionally and nationally recognized leader in geotechnical construction.


Rembco is a proud member of the following associations:


Today, Rembco performs geotechnical installations that conform exactly to the plans. We provide construction services that are compliant and accurate, without deviations. And we still provide customized, design-built geotechnical solutions – with personal attention from the owner. But we’re no longer a well-kept secret. The word is out! And we plan to keep it there.

Rembco provides solutions to a diversity of challenges:

  • Lifting and leveling footings and structures
  • Stopping and preventing settlement of heavy structures during excavation
  • Remediating and capping sinkholes
  • Raising above ground structures
  • Modifying / improving soil in place
  • Placing new loads on existing foundations
  • Digging without shoring
  • Grouting around pile groups to increase load, bearing and uplift
  • Carrying out grouting with little or no disruption to other activities
  • Constructing micropiles to support structures
  • Eradicating danger of rock fall
  • Protecting adjacent utilities and structures

Rembco provides services that include Compaction Grouting, Chemical Grouting, Permeation Grouting, Soil Nailing, Rock Anchors and Soil Anchors, Sinkhole Repair, Micropiles and Minipiles and Slope Stabilization. In addition, Rembco offers solutions such as water shutoff grouting, epoxy grouting, building lifting, steel plate bonding and rock fall stabilization.