Rembco Geotechnical Services

Foundation Support – Soil Stabilization

For more than 30 years, Rembco has provided reliable, top-quality construction of pre-designed geotechnical systems. Our team also provides design-build solutions that are customized to your specific needs and requirements.

Rembco has the expertise and resources to:
  • Build foundation support systems for new construction (also with difficult access)
  • Stop or reverse structural settling that has already begun
  • Stabilize sliding slopes or prevent them from sliding in the first place
  • Fill voids beneath slabs or footings
  • Repair and remediate sinkholes
  • Stabilize failing walls
  • Control underground liquid migration
  • Encapsulate buried hazardous wastes
  • Improve soil properties for excavation shoring
  • Repair failing concrete
  • Protect people and property from damage or injury due to rock fall
  • Put out underground fires
  • Lift storage tanks
  • Solidify sand, gravel and fractured rock
  • Repair cracks in dams
  • Stabilize tunnels and provide cave-in protection in tunnels
Rembco Services Include: